Creating a website and setting it up is one of the ways to do affiliate marketing. Experts suggest creating a dedicated website for a particular niche or a microniche. That means one site, one category of products for a specific group of visitors or potential customers.

Following is a list of steps suggested to set up a website to do affiliate marketing

  1. Make a list of keywords pertaining to your niche or microniche. For example, if you are an Amazon associate, and you have chosen Furniture as your niche. Then you need to search keywords pertaining to Furniture. You can narrow down your niche to let us say, living room furniture. Further, you can narrow it down to brown-colored wooden furniture or red-colored wooden furniture.
  2. Pick up low competition keywords.
  3. Plan your content and start drafting articles with these keywords.
  4. Read Amazon Associate terms and conditions. Prepare necessary pages as required by Amazon. For other affiliate networks, you need to check.
  5. Put Amazon associate links in these articles using Sitestripe. Never copy images or logos or reviews directly, as this is against Amazon policy. For other affiliate networks, you have to comply with their terms and conditions.
  6. Publish one article every day or alternate day.
  7. Share links to these posts on Social media to get traffic.

The above steps are generally suggested to set up a website to do affiliate marketing. Depending upon the niche and affiliate marketing network, some steps are needed to customize.